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Petite little Tina Blade has just come home from a walk in the nifty fall air and to help her warm up, she lights some candles and then lays on her couch to relax. While the candles heat the room, they also arouse the young lady’s crush and she starts to slowly undress herself. Sliding out of her sweatshirt and exposing her beautiful, perky yabbos, she then slowly removes her denim cut off’s, exposing her delightful camo panties. Tina slowly traces her fingers around her this time hard teats, exciting them even further, before her palms start pulling at her pants, mad to get ’em off, and to give herself some infatuation. It’s not long before she loses her panties too and her flawless yellow leg warmers, this time fully naked, Tina basks in warmth of the room and the rising heat of her affection. Sliding a hand between her delicate nubile thighs, she starts to rub her perfectly bald little twat. After switching to her knees and showing off her ravishing booty, Tina finally slides to the edge of the couch and puts two slim fingers inside of her juicy and tight hole, furiously bonking them in and out quickly bringing herself to an unexpected and intense squirting orgasm. She takes a moment to caress her sweet girl cum, enjoying the afterglow of orgasm, before curling up on the couch to slowly slip away into a peaceful nap.

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